Save time and money with non-physical events

Your own landing page to direct people to your multimedia events and presentations and the ability to participate in our tri-annual Trade Fair

Guest Experience

Available to the people you invite to the event

What to Expect

Well organised speaker and sponsor management, with easy to find events and topics.

on the website

A single form to register to the whole event.

A Virtual Briefcase

A place to keep all of the information and contacts received at the event.

Information Desk

A comprehensive information desk where you can choose the people, services and products that interest you.

Exhibitors Directory

The Exhibitors hall is where you can find a list of all of the event participants and details of their offerings.

Exhibitor Booths

Exhibitor booths typically give you access to documents, videos, web page links, social media links, career opportunities, group and private chats and the chance to complete rating surveys and make appointments.


View the speaker biographies and choose to watch on-demand webinars or attend a live webinar.


On-demand audio, video or slide presentations.

Networking Lounge

Join ad-hoc discussion groups or scheduled discussions and also share your business card.

Resource Centre

A central place where you can access documents, videos, web page links, social media links and career opportunities  offered by the exhibitors.

Attend a Virtual Event
Participate in the Virtual Mall

Guest Access

Save time and money with non-physical events and venues.
Events and venues do not always have to be accompanied by long journeys, high costs and time away from your place of work or home.
The cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative is a virtual event or venue.

Get Access

Impress your clients and prospects

Promote your products and services

Find out how to become an exhibitor.

Virtual Events Platform